Lauren Heatley

Health, Safety and Wellbeing Consultant

Lauren has a background in both physical and mental health care spanning 20 years. She moved into Health, Safety and Wellbeing approximately 13 years ago, working across a range of industry sectors including IT, government, disability care, child protection, youth justice, housing and outreach services. 

Moving into a consultancy role, Lauren has worked with businesses of all sizes and industry types, from small construction companies to large corporates. In all her roles she has helped businesses achieve a positive safety culture and effective injury management and workers’ compensation practices.

She is able to manage diverse stakeholder groups, including unions, WorkSafe agents and medical professionals. She has also managed a team of occupational rehabilitation consultants at a leading Victorian OR provider, transferring her knowledge and experience on how to provide a safe workplace and achieve successful return to work outcomes. 

More recently, Lauren was a Mental Injury Return to Work Specialist at CGU Insurance. This required oversight of all mental injury claims and direct involvement on complex individual cases as required. Lauren also worked with physical claims that included secondary mental health symptoms. She worked proactively with both employers and workers to create safe workplace environments and achieve better return to work outcomes and reduced claims costs. 

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