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The COVIDSafe Squad by the Victorian Chamber

Primed and ready to help Victorian business operate safely, and stay open

The COVIDSafe Squad by the Victorian Chamber


The Victorian Chamber is here to help Victorian businesses. In these challenging times, it is critically important that businesses follow the Victorian Government’s COVIDSafe rules.

This means fewer cases, fewer lockdowns, and a faster return to normality. Following COVIDSafe rules is good for Victorian businesses and our community.

What is the COVIDSafe squad?

We are mobile teams of COVIDSafe advisors who will be visiting businesses of all sizes and industries between now and the end of June 2022. Our goal is to let businesses know what they need to do to achieve and maintain effective COVIDSafe practices.

We are not inspectors; we are not from the government; we are not here to issue fines. We are here to help.

What does a COVIDSafe assessment involve?

If you agree to participate, our team will ask you a series of questions about key COVIDSafe topics, such as your COVIDSafe plan, your check-in system and your physical distancing arrangements.

Our teams will give you practical, helpful feedback on how effective your current practices are, and advise where any opportunities for improvement might be.

Do I have to participate?

No. Participating in a COVIDSafe assessment is completely voluntary.

Are my responses confidential? What information do you collect about my business?

Information we collect about your business is confidential and maintained according to the Victorian Chamber’s privacy policy.

We report de-identified data to the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions (DJPR) on how businesses in different local government areas (LGAs) are performing in different COVIDSafe areas. We do not identify individual businesses.

Where else can I go for support?

The Victorian Chamber has a dedicated COVIDSafe helpline where you can get expert advice on any COVIDSafe related question that you have. You can contact the COVIDSafe helpline on 03 8662 5365.

Victorian government also provides information, tools and templates to businesses that are available at the following links: 


COVIDSafe workplaces

Information and resources to help you and your employees stay physically and mentally well in the workplace during coronavirus (COVID‑19) 

Qr Covidsafe Workplaces


About the free Service Victoria QR Code app

The Service Victoria QR Code app helps contact tracers to contain a COVID-19 outbreak 

Qr Service Victoria App


Six principles of COVIDSafe workplaces

Permitted workplaces must operate based on six COVIDSafe Principles 

Qr 6 Principles


COVIDSafe Plan

Information and resources to help your business prepare a COVIDSafe Plan 

Qr Covidsafe Plan


Signs, posters and templates for your workplace

A collection of templates, questionnaires, signage and posters to promote a COVIDSafe workplace 

Qr Signs Posters



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