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Occupational Health & Safety (OHS)

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Occupational Health & Safety (OHS)

The Victorian Chamber is a leading provider of quality OHS consulting and training services. Our members and clients trust us to solve complex safety problems, change safety culture, and achieve legislative compliance.

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Our consulting services

Is there a part of your workplace that isn’t as safe as it could be? Has a piece of equipment or process recently caused an injury, near miss, or been identified as a hazard? Has a WorkSafe inspector identified an area for improvement?

Our team of expert consultants has a broad range of professional backgrounds and industry expertise. Whether it’s a traffic management plan, plant risk assessment, suitable duties manual, or occupational noise assessment, we can provide you with timely, practical advice about how to meet your duty of care to provide a safe workplace.

Our consulting services include:

Onsite OHS Assessment
Onsite OHS assessments

One of our expert consultants will visit your workplace and conduct a comprehensive safety review.  Our reviews may be general, or focus on a specific safety issue that you would like assistance with.  We will provide a detailed report outlining our key findings and recommendations.

Desktop policy review
Desktop policy reviews

We will review your safety policies and provide practical feedback on their compliance with current Victorian safety laws and best practices. Our consultants will also suggest style and readability improvements to maximize engagement with your intended audience. 

OHS secondments
OHS secondments

We assist employers of all sizes and industry types with targeted, short-term safety secondments. Keep your workplace safe while taking the time you need to find the right safety professional. Our consultants can hit the ground running, managing your day-to-day safety needs while completing important projects.

Digital safety transformation
Digital safety transformation

A truly digital safety system is one where employees, managers and the safety team can submit, review, and act on safety information without friction - anywhere, anytime, and on any device. We have worked with businesses of all sizes and industry types to build digital systems that can transform your safety performance and culture.

Our training courses

Our highly experienced trainers can help your business to achieve both legislative compliance and positive safety culture. Our training is practical, interactive, and can be tailored according to your needs.

We offer training both in metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria, public courses, and onsite training delivered at your workplace. The majority of our courses can also be delivered as virtual workshops as required.

We also cover workplace safety in many of our mental health courses. Click here to view our mental health courses.

Read our course descriptions below and follow the links to attend a public course or book training onsite at your business.


Ohs Masterclass
OHS Masterclass

The OHS Masterclass is our flagship, two-day, safety training program. It provides a comprehensive overview of safety management in the modern workplace from both a practical and theoretical perspective and is delivered by expert trainers from diverse backgrounds.  Learn more...

OHS for Senior Leaders and Executives
OHS for Senior Leaders and Executives

As a leader, the ultimate responsibility for workplace safety lies with you. This half-day training will provide you with an overview of everything you need to know about the most important task you have - keeping your workers safe.  Learn more...

HSR Initial OHS Training Course
HSR Initial OHS Training Course

To exercise your powers as a Health and Safety Representative (HSR) effectively, training is essential. This WorkSafe-approved course gives you the skills, knowledge, and confidence to represent your designated workgroup and to help make your workplace safer. Learn more...

Managing Domestic Family Violence In The Workplace
Managing domestic and family violence in the workplace

Domestic and family violence (DFV) is a serious and urgent problem in Australia. This comprehensive, interactive half-day workshop will equip your senior leaders, managers and HR professionals with the knowledge and skills to effectively manage DFV in your workplace. Learn more...

Practice Safe Manual Handling
Practice Safe Manual Handling

This interactive workshop provides managers and employees with the skills needed to prevent common musculoskeletal injuries. Keep your workplace safe and avoid costly workers’ compensation claims by empowering your employees to identify, assess, and reduce manual handling risks. Learn more...

Preventing and Responding to Occupational Violence
Preventing and responding to occupational violence

This comprehensive half day course will provide you with the practical and theoretical knowledge you need to effectively manage occupational violence in your workplace. Learn more...

Safety Committee Meetings
Running Effective Safety Committee Meetings

Many employers establish safety committees but struggle to transform them into dynamic forums that change safety culture for the better. Turn your safety committee into a positive, dynamic force for change within your business by training new and existing members. Learn more...

Customised safety training

Our safety courses described above suit most businesses most of the time, but you may wish to customise the length, content, and branding of your training to suit your own needs. We can modify our courses to include:

  • your safety and injury management statistics (e.g., reporting rates, workers’ compensation premium, return to work outcomes, etc.)
  • references to your own policies and procedures
  • real and hypothetical case studies relevant to your industry
  • your branding
  • modifying content, tone, and style to maximise participant engagement (e.g., focusing on leadership, compliance, workplace culture, etc.)

We have successfully designed and delivered customised safety training for small businesses and large corporate clients across all industry types, across both government and the private sector.

Contact us to enquire about customised safety training for your workplace.

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