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More about ATA Carnets

Learn more about the goods and countries covered by an ATA Carnet, as well as pricing. Please note that although the ATA Carnet does not cover Taiwan, the Victorian Chamber can issue the Taiwanese version of a Carnet, TAITRA (more details below).

Are your goods eligible?

The ATA Carnet covers most goods, such as commercial samples, professional equipment and goods for presentation or use at trade fairs, shows and exhibitions. It does not cover goods that are consumable or perishable.

Eligible goods include (but are not limited to):

  • Jewellery and opals
  • Scientific equipment, as may be used by surgeons, zoologist, archaeologists, etc.
  • Photography equipment
  • Musical instruments, theatrical costumes, professional sound and television equipment
  • Equipment for testing and maintaining machinery
  • Personal computers (laptops) used for business purposes only
  • Equipment for sporting events


  Member (GST incl.) Non-member (GST incl.)
Basic fee for goods valued more than $2,000 (allows entry to up to three countries) $330 $451
Basic fee for goods valued less than $2,000 (allows entry to up to three countries) $330 $396
Additional country (in addition to basic fee) or transit voucher (i.e. entry and exit) $33 $55
Additional trip (i.e. entry and exit from Australia within 12 months) $165 $220
Urgent fee (two business days) $286 $286
Urgent fee (one business day) $341 $341
Cancellation fee* $143 $143
Cancellation fee (urgent ATA Carnet)* $198 $198
Retype fee $143 $143


Ineligible goods include (but are not limited to):

  1. Goods that you won’t be bringing back into Australia. For example, brochures and business cards
  2. Consumables
  3. Live or taxidermy animals
  4. Motor vehicles for personal use (if you intend to drive on public roads, please visit the Australian Automobile Association website)


ATA Carnet fees

*A fee of $143 applies to all cancellations. The fee is waived if the carnet request is cancelled before close of business on the same day the request was submitted.

Standard ATA Carnet application fee

The ATA Carnet requires payment of a standard fee and any additional fees listed above. This fee is for the issuance of the document and is non-refundable. The additional fees are applied depending on the time frame and situation, as well as your decision to pay a security deposit or use the indemnity scheme (see below).

Carnet security deposit

In addition to the fees listed above, you must pay a security deposit of 50% of the total commercial value of your goods. This represents a security on behalf of the country/ies you visit. If your goods are not repatriated for any reason (for example, if goods are left behind, sold, stolen or broken and disposed of) the deposit can be used to pay duty/sales tax and/or penalty fees. The deposit is refunded once all the goods covered under the ATA Carnet are returned.

Once your application is approved, we will email you payment details for the security deposit. The deposit can be payable in the form of a bank cheque, bank guarantee or electronic funds transfer.

Carnet application with indemnity scheme

As part of our insurance, we have funds we can access on your behalf to cover the Carnet security deposit.

The indemnity scheme allows you to pay a non-refundable premium in place of the security deposit, enabling you to temporarily export your goods without lodging a bank cheque, cash or guarantee from an approved bank as security. Payment of a Carnet fee, any additional fees, and a non-refundable indemnity premium are required. To access this security facility, you must pay a premium based on the percentage of your security value and duration of import. This offer will assist holders who do not normally have accessible money.

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