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Export documents

We provide documentation and certification services to exporters sending their goods overseas.

Export documents

Certificate of Origin

Certificates of Origin (COs) are required by many countries to provide evidence that your goods originated in Australia

Select countries that have free trade agreements (FTAs) with Australia also require a CO but have a different process and preferential tariffs

Learn more about the variations and how to apply online.

Export document fees

Export documents Member price Non-member price
 Certificate of Origin (CO6, CO9, AANZFTA First Protocol, CHaFTA, Chile-Australia, CPTPP, KAFTA, JAEPA, IA-CEPA, Peru-Australia, RCEP) $32.00 $45.00
TAFTA $42.00 $55.00
TAFTA Registration Fee Nil $50.00
Certificate of Free Sale $50.00  $60.00
Certificate of Health  $50.00  $60.00
Other export documents (e.g. invoices, packing lists etc)  $35.20 (GST incl.) $49.50 (GST incl.)


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