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ASEAN-Australia FTA First Protocol

We enable your business to take advantage of trade opportunities with one of the world’s most dynamic economic regions – Southeast Asia.

ASEAN-Australia FTA First Protocol

We provide the export documents required to trade with several ASEAN countries under the AANZFTA First Protocol (ASEAN Australia Free Trade Agreement), including:

  • Brunei
  • Burma (Myanmar)
  • Cambodia
  • Indonesia
  • Laos
  • Malaysia
  • New Zealand
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam

Prepare to export under AANZFTA First Protocol

To trade with ASEAN nations under AANZFTA First Protocol your business must satisfy the relevant export requirements. Important and up to date information about AANZFTA First Protocol is available on the Department of Foreign of Affairs and Trade’s website or in the following documents:

How to register for the AANZFTA as an exporter

When you are satisfied that your business meets AANZFTA exporting requirements, you can apply to register for the AANZFTA by following the instructions below:

  • Download and complete: AANZFTA First Protocol Exporter Registration Form (PDF, 171KB)
    • Include ASIC Business Registration Certificate.
      ASIC Certificates are required to verify the business. Extracts cannot be accepted.
    • ASIC Certificate Types:
      • Businesses: ASIC Business Registration Certificate
      • Companies: ASIC Registration of a Company Certificate
      • Trading names: ASIC Business Name Registration Certificate
    • Signatory List:
      • List of those who are registered to sign on Certificates of Origin.
      • Exact signature must be registered in order to apply for certificate of origin.
      • Signatures must be hand-written. Automated signatures cannot be accepted.
  • Lodge registration application to:
    Send form and ASIC Certificate as 1 PDF to:
  • Await registration approval: 
    Registration turn-around timeframe is 2 working days. Please ensure paperwork is complete to avoid processing delays.

    Upon registration completion you will receive a confirmation email with a VCCI-specific AANZFTA First Protocol registration number and details on how to lodge your application.
How to Apply for the AANZFTA First Protocol Certificate of Origin

Once registered, the certificate of origin template is completed by the applicant and submitted via an online portal. Documentation is processed by a Victorian Chamber Trade Officer. Approved certificates can be printed out via the portal ready to send to the customer.

Further instructions are sent at time of registration.

Processing Times for Certificates of Origin

Applications are processed around 2 hours after lodgement. Documents cannot be expedited.

Cut-off for lodgement is 3.00pm (Monday – Friday). Documentations lodged after 3.00 PM or on the weekend are processed by 11.00 AM the next working day.

AANZFTA First Protocol Certificate of Origin

Once you are a registered exporter, you are eligible to obtain a CoO for each shipment of goods you send internationally. Having a CoO is a condition of trading under AANZFTA First Protocol and may be needed for goods to clear international customs.

We are authorised to issue CoOs under AANZFTA First Protocol. The CoO certifies that your goods are FTA-compliant and allows them to qualify for preferential tariff rates.

Please submit your AANZFTA First Protocol template to the Victorian Chamber via our online services for certification.

Note: your CoO template must be typed and the exporter’s declaration signed by a nominated signatory for us to issue your certificate.

  Members (incl. GST) Non-members (incl. GST)
Electronically $32.00 $45.00

Export process tips

Speed up your export processes with these tips for completing the AANZFTA First Protocol form correctly:

  • Always make sure the ‘Country’ is listed in boxes 1 & 2 (Goods consigned from and Goods consigned to)
  • Shipment date should always be added even if it’s ETD
  • Vessel’s name/Aircraft etc. – at a minimum the word ‘Airfreight’ or ‘Sea freight’ should be added if details are not known
  • Port of discharge should always be added
  • Item number to be added against each item
  • Marks and numbers on packages –can add container and seal details in this box
  • Each item must have a HS code listed against it
  • Each item must have an origin criterion against it
  • Weight is required
  • If origin criterion is RVC then FOB value to be listed
  • Invoice number and date is required
  • Box 11 – Declaration by the Exporter – Place and date, name, signature and company of authorised signatory is required
  • Box 13 – If subject of third party invoice box is ticked, a minimum of third party company name must be added in box 7
  • Issued Retroactively – to be ticked three working days after shipment date.

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