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Non-Preferential Certificate of Origin

A Certificate of Origin (CoO) identifies the country where exported goods originated. They are issued by a government authority or other body such as the Victorian Chamber. We are the only organisation in Victoria that is authorised by the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry to issue these certificates.

Many countries require their import documents to include a CoO. It may be required by overseas buyers, those receiving your goods, or international customs authorities. They may also require supporting documentation such as commercial invoices or other documents that must be endorsed by a chamber of commerce. In order to confirm which type of certificate of origin that you need for a particular import, please ask your buyer.

Each free trade agreement (FTA) has its own registration process and CO.Find out more about FTAs with ASEAN countries, China, Japan, Korea and Thailand, Trans-Pacific countries and Indonesia.

How to register for the Non-Preferential CoO as an exporter

  1. Download and complete: Exporter Information Form
    • Include ASIC Business Registration Certificate.
      ASIC Certificates are required to verify the business. Extracts cannot be accepted.
    • ASIC Certificate Types:
      • Businesses: ASIC Business Registration Certificate
      • Companies: ASIC Registration of a Company Certificate
      • Trading names: ASIC Record of Registration for Business Name
    • Signatory List: 
      List of those who are registered to sign on Certificates of Origin. Exact signature must be registered in order to apply for certificate of origin. Signatures must be hand-written. Automated signatures cannot be accepted.
  2. Lodge registration application to:
    Send form and ASIC Certificate as one PDF to:
  3. Await registration approval:
    Registration will be processed within 2 working days. Upon registration completion you will receive a confirmation email, including details on how to lodge your application via an online portal.

How do I obtain a Certificate of Origin?

You must fulfil the following requirements:

  • The CO must be typed
  • Evidence of origin (such as copies of invoices, bills of lading, letters of credit, or statutory declarations) must be supplied before documents are stamped
  • You must sign all export documents on the bottom left-hand side (under the exporter’s declaration) before submitting them for authentication

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