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HR consulting

Employees are your greatest asset and central to your business’ success. A proactive approach to workplace relations pays for itself with improved workplace culture, performance, and reduced incidents, fines and claims.

HR consulting


With our expert and practical advice, your business can address a wide range of workplace relations matters, including:

  • Representation at the Fair Work Commission
  • Workplace investigations into matters such as alleged bullying or harassment
  • Enterprise bargaining and union disputes, including right of entry matters
  • Mediation services, performance management, disciplinary and termination advice
  • Generalist HR services, including policy and procedure reviews and employee engagement strategies
  • Advice for equal opportunity, harassment, discrimination and bullying matters
  • Modern award compliance and wage information
  • Training tailored to your unique needs

The Victorian Chamber’s comprehensive workplace relation’s consulting services are available to our members for a cost effective, ‘end-to-end’ solution, regardless of your employment issues and your location.

We have a team of over 20 professionals who are available across Australia. While members receive competitive pricing, the Victorian Chamber also delivers HR consulting and business partner services for all Victorian businesses on a per request basis.

Performance management and change

With guidance from our workplace relations consultants, your business can develop effective workforce management strategies to continue meeting your organisational goals. The Victorian Chamber can assist you in developing an effective performance management system that allows you to confidently and fairly align employee performance with your business objectives.

Our team of highly experienced professionals can also assist in change management initiatives and guide your organisation through the challenges of consultation, restructuring, redundancy, and more.

Managing employee terminations in an effective and sensitive way, whether it be a resignation or a dismissal, is a reality for any business. When a termination does occur, our Workplace Relations Advice Line is available to provide timely, expert guidance on how you can manage the best outcome for your business.


Performance and change management can be challenging. We are here to help. Members have full access to our comprehensive library of fact sheets and customisable templates.

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Investigations and organisational culture reviews

Investigations and organisational culture reviews are tools to identify cultural trends and boost effective management of workplace issues.

Conducting a procedurally fair workplace investigation is essential for businesses. The need for investigations can arise with any serious workplace issue, however, when these issues lead to an employee’s dismissal, the need for an investigation is clear.

Analysis conducted by the Victorian Chamber of the Fair Work Commission’s unfair dismissal rulings over 12 months has shown that where a dismissal occurred without prior investigation, the employer’s success rate was less than 20%. Where an internal investigation was undertaken, success increased to 54%, and where an external party was engaged to investigate, successful defence rulings increased to 90%.

While workplace investigations are useful after an incident has occurred, culture reviews can pre-empt many of these issues.

By understanding your organisation’s culture, you can act to ensure that employees feel safe, happy, and engaged, and reduce the risk of serious incidents or claims occurring.

HR business partners and secondments

If your business requires immediate HR expertise, our consultants can support your success by undertaking a seconded placement in your organisation, saving your business significant time and productivity impact. Under this arrangement, an expert from the Victorian Chamber becomes your internal resource for the time you need.

We can partner with you and your organsiation for both short and long-term placements to ensure you and your people have the support you need. With access to the Victorian Chamber’s resources, onsite consultants have the specialised knowledge and skills to support your HR requirements - whether that is managing your HR function during busy periods, covering extended leave or acting as key advisers on a project basis.

Policy review

HR and company policies should be flexible, up-to-date, compliant with legislation and adapted to suit your business. They exist to establish clear expectations and processes across a range of key HR areas. Ensuring staff are aware of these policies is essential for their adoption throughout an organisation.

Our consultants are experts at reviewing policies and developing standard operating procedures that support their success.

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